Death of William Everington, Esq.

We regret to announce the somewhat sudden death on Saturday evening last of Mr. W. Everington, who has, since the death of his sister about twelve months since, resided in Algitha Road.

The deceased, who was 73 years of age, was apparently in his usual health on Saturday morning last and transacted some business in connection with the gas company of which he was chairman. He was also a director of the Pier Company.

He was a native of Skegness and he and his family have occupied the Skegness estate under the Earls of Scarbrough for nearly one hundred and fifty years past. He gave up the farm here about eighteen years ago and since then, until recently, resided with his sister at Horncastle. He has, however, during that time taken the deepest interest in Skegness and frequently visited the place. He had always been known locally as Squire Everington, a title he was somewhat proud of. He formerly resided at “The Hall” , now occupied by Charles Fred Grantham, and his farm at one time included the land on which the new Skegness is built. He has witnessed the rise and progress of the place, and may be considered one of its oldest inhabitants. By his death another link in the chain which connected us with the past has been snapped asunder.

The family vault is in the old portion of St. Clement’s churchyard, but as this part has been closed the mortal remains of the deceased were interred in a brick grave in the new portion on Wednesday afternoon last. The undertakers were Messers. George Dunkley and Son, by whom the funeral arrangements were admirably carried out.

The burial service was impressively read by the Rector (Rev. C. P. Disbrowe). The funeral cortege included several private carriages conveying many gentlemen of the town and neighbourhood who were desirous of paying their last tribute of respect to the deceased. These included Mr. H. V. Tippet (agent to the Earl of Scarbrough), Messers. E. A. Jackson, C. F. Grantham, George Dunkley, G. J. Crofts, W. P. Moody, W. S. Rainet (Spilsby), J. Searby (Spilsby), Searby (Croft).

Whilst the funeral was taking place the blinds of a large number of the houses in Skegness were drawn.

Source: Skegness Herald 1899


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