Court Says Skegness Needs Three Police Cells

Speaking at the Lindsey Quarterly Sessions, the Chief Constable reported:

The plans for the new lock-up which has been determined on at Skegness are before the Court, and steps should soon be taken at once to proceed with the work, as the place increases in size, and the number of visi tors during the season is very great, as also the number of houses licensed for drink.

Mr. Ald. Fowler (Mayor of Louth) produced plans of the proposed lock-up at Skegness, showing that provision would be made for two cells.

Several members of the court considered that, in view of the large number of visitors to Skegness, it would be advisable to have three cells constructed, and on the motion of Mr. Banks Stanhope, seconded by the Rev. R. W. Cracroft, it was decided that three cells should be erected.

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Tuesday 25 October 1881

Note: Skegness Police Station on Roman Bank was constructed in 1883.


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