Cornerville School

An advert in a 1898 issue of the Skegness Herald reveals the existence of ‘Cornerville School’ in Skegness, which I have never before seen documented:

Source: Skegness Herald 1898


Cornerville School, established 1880
Mrs and Miss L Garner – special classes in French and Drawing (Model and Freehand) by a certified teacher.
Moderate terms.

Gathering information from the censuses, Mrs Catherine Garner and her unmarried daughter, Lucie Garner lived on Wainfleet Road between Robin Hood Terrace and Eldon Villa, their property being described as a private school. Lucie is described as an organist and a school mistress, whilst her mother is described as the proprietoress of a private school and later a retired school mistress.
Catherine Garner’s husband, James, was a butcher and their son, Robert was a builder. The family came to Skegness from Normanton in Lincolnshire.

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