Boating Disaster

Mr Arthur Riches – A Brave skipper

The ill-fated pleasure boat, Princess of Wales, which capsized off Skegness, Lincolnshire, on Sunday afternoon, August 25th, when five persons belonging to Hunstanton were drowned, has been discovered lying in about four fathoms of water.

A diver has been down and brought up the “painter” or mooring rope, also the gaff and what remained of the mainsail; but he states that he saw none of the bodies of the drowned.

It is believed they have been washed out to sea, though there are those who think that one or two of the bodies may be entangled in the rigging.

An effort is to be made to tow the Princess of Wales ashore.

The gaff and mainsail obtained by the diver are now on the pier head at Skegness, and are attracting the attention of a great number of visitors.

The movement set on foot to indemnify Mr Riches for the loss of his boat (valued at 200/- [shillings]) and by a further testimonial to give him some proof of the admiration felt for his noble and courageous conduct, whereby the eleven other persons in the boat were saved, is meeting with hearty support.

Source: Jackson’s Oxford Journal (Oxford, England), Saturday, September 7, 1895


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