Whales Captured by Perrin and Moody


The Wash seems to be coming a favourite resort for the monsters of the deep.

About three years ago, it will be remembered, a large whale nearly 50 feet in length, was captured immediately opposite Skegness, and exhibited on the sands for some weeks, thousands of people coming from all parts of the country to see it.

Early this (Thursday) morning Mr. Perrin, of the “Noah’s Ark” Gibraltar Point, and J. Moody, while out fishing at Gibraltar Point saw two whales of the bottle- nosed specie.

They gave chase to them and eventually succeeded in securing one of them taking it about a mile up the creek, the entrance to Wainfleet haven.

The other whale followed them, and was also eventually captured, both alive.
The larger one is about ten feet in length.

They have been purchased by the proprietors of the Skegness Baths where they are now on exhibition, and will no doubt prove very great attraction to the visitors and others.

Source: Skegness Herald 1890

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