Shopping Bill Charged to the Queen

The Queen will pick up the bill…

An amusing incident took place in Skegness on Tuesday last, and had it been successfully carried out on the shop keeper himself, it would have been a good joke.

A gentleman went into Mr Randall’s shop, Lumley Road, and obtained of the youthful assistant in charge, five shillings worth of goods. In return he gave a piece of paper on which was written “On Her Majesty’s Service – pay Mr Randall five shillings”. Then followed the signature of the person who obtained the goods, and Mr Randall has got the order for payment but not the cash.
It was however some consolation to him that he had the honour of supplying goods on Her Majesty’s Service, which may perhaps entitle him to have the Royal Coat of Arms emblazoned over his shop.

Source: Skegness Herald 1893


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