Severe Weather – Ice Skating on the Brick Pond

13 degrees below freezing

There is every prospect of another severe winter. We have now had nearly a fortnight of frost and snow. Snow fell a great part of Sunday last, and there has been occasional falls since then, but happily it has not interfered with the pleasures of skating.

About mid-day on Tuesday there was a slight abatement in the severity of the frost, but towards night the frost set in again with greater severity than before, and on Wednesday morning the temperature was 13 degrees below freezing. The sheets of water, the ponds, and dykes in this neighbourhood are covered with ice several inches in thickness, and skating is now greatly indulged in. The splendid sheet of ice in the brickyard on the Wainfleet-road has been crowded with lovers of this excellent pastime for some days past. Tea parties have. been held on this sheet of ice by many of the skaters who are enjoying themselves immensely. At the time of going to press the frost continues, and there is no prospect of any change.

Source: Skegness Herald 6th January 1893


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