Sea Water Baths


Great improvements and additions

The Skegness Baths  (Scarbrough Avenue) have, we understand, lately changed hands and the new proprietor contemplates making great additions and improvements in time for the ensuing season.

Additional steam and pumping power is to be provided to enable sea water to be pumped for the most part regardless of the tides, and steps will be taken to filter the water before it is used in the Baths.

The Swimming Bath will by means of steam jets be kept at an agreeable temperature, and it is intended later on to erect commodious galleries and fix additional seating accommodation to provide for swimming and aquatic entertainments which have always been an attraction to the visitors.

The Turkish Baths will be further developed, and experienced attendants (male and female) will have charge of this department so that the Turkish Baths will be available every day. As the business progresses other medical baths will be added and should prove of immense benefit to invalids.

Dr. C. J. Bernard has accepted the office of medical superintendent and patients will be enabled to have the benefit of his experienced advice with reference to the Baths. Hot Sea Water is to be retailed to visitors and will be delivered in all parts of the town in the early morning.

The decorative part is not to be forgotten as we understand that this matter will receive particular attention and that the whole Baths are to be re-decorated in such a manner as will be worthy of the undertaking, a free use being made of the new plastic mural decorations and glazed bricks. The object of the proprietor is to work the concern up so that the Baths will be one of the attractions of the town, and when it is remembered that Sea Baths in various forms have a great hygienic value and arc almost a specific in cases of rheumatism we are justified in hoping that the proprietor’s aim may be fulfilled.

The present concern has been very much hampered in the past owing to structural defects, but with these remedied and with energetic management there is no reason why the Skegness Baths should not soon be in the front rank of similar institutions, and we wish the spirited proprietor every success. Mr. A. Sharman, of Nottingham, has been engaged as manager and he will enter upon his duties about Easter.

Sopurce: Skegness Herald 17th March 1893


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