Mourners Robbed at Graveside

Thieves are the Ismaelites of our civilised society.

They go, however, one better than their desert prototypes in their complete disregard of the conventionalities.

Every social event is viewed by them from the one standpoint, that it offers an opportunity for the exercise of their predatory instincts.

They do not permit sentiment to baulk their operations, not even in the presence of death itself.

A mourner at the funeral of three of the railway men drowned in the Skegness disaster, informs me that while the relatives and friends were standing round the grave a youthful Fagin of 13, who must be as destitute of human feelings as a beetle, was caught in the very act of purse-snatching.

When searched two other purses were found upon him, and identified by some of the mourners.

It was the case of the Pariah preying upon poverty at a moment of poignant sorrow.

Respect for the living and the dead saved the culprit from experiencing condign punishment on the spot.

Source: The Newcastle Weekly Courant (Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England), Saturday, July 22, 1893


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