More Shannon Disaster Bodies Found

A body was washed ashore on Thursday, which was identified as that of William Reed, a railwayman, belonging to London, who was one of the victims of the recent boating disaster.

Another body previously recovered was identified as that of Frank Shaftain, a carpenter, 27 of 33, Heywork Road, Surrey Road, Stratford E.

It was washed upon the beach directly opposite the place of the disaster.

A body, identified as that of Mr. James Green, 31, solicitor, 15 Powerscroft Road, Clapton, London, was on Monday conveyed from Skegness to London, having been found floating some four miles out at sea. In Boston Deeps two corpses were sighted by a vessel, but she was unable to recover them.

Further efforts are to be made to recover missing bodies.

Sir Charles Russell and Sir Andrew Scoble, Parliamentary representatives of the division to which most of the unfortunate men belonged, as well as Mr. Fowler, President of the Local Government board, have urged the Government to provide divers and apparatus.

The Shannon, which has been discovered two miles from the scene of the disaster, lies embedded in the sand, beneath 12 feet of water.

Arrangements have been made to amalgamate the several relief funds. The disaster has had a detrimental effect upon the boatmen’s business. Since the calamity there has been a large influx of visitors to Skegness, but scarcely any boats have been out.

The directors of the Excelsior Swimming Baths, Mansford Street, Bethnal Green Road, have kindly decided to give the free use of their spacious baths, capable of accommodating some 2,000 spectators, for a benefit of the widows and orphans of their neighbours who were drowned in the sad calamity at Skegness.

The Pacific and Unity Swimming clubs will give the entertainment.

One of the saddest of all sights at Skegness last week was the spectacle of the widow of one of the men in charge of the Shannon walking ceaselessly along the beach daily looking for her husband’s body.

Owing to the calamity the boatmen have resolved to abandon the long shore regatta arranged for this month.

Source: Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper (London, England), Sunday, July 23, 1893


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