Man Falls From Church Belfry

Fall From The Belfry Of The Old Church

In the month of September last, as many of our readers are aware, an elderly man visiting Skegness fell from the bell chamber of the old church of St Clement, to the stone floor beneath, a distance of nearly 80ft.

As may be supposed, he was severely injured, two or three ribs broken besides being greatly bruised. It was fortunate that the injuries were not of a more serious nature.

Immediately after the accident he was removed by his sons to his home in Hertfordshire. He has since progressed very favourably, and a few days ago wrote to the rector of Skegness stating that he was greatly disappointed at not being able to inspect the bell of the ol church, but that he should come again next season and make another attempt.

It appears that he is an old bell-ringer, and that on going underneath the bell in St Clement’s Church to examine it the floor gave way and he fell, as described above.

Source: Skegness Herald 11th November 1892


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