First Baptism St Paul's Baptist Church


The Baptist denomination which purchased St. Paul’s iron church about twelve months since, have now obtained a firm footing in this town, and under the able ministrations of the Rev. Geo. Goodchild, the resident minister, is satisfactorily progressing and gaining a large number of adherents.

The first baptismal service was held on Sunday evening last, when the church was filled to its utmost capacity. Being a novelty in Skegness, a large number from the other denominations attended to witness the ceremony, which took place after the usual evening service.

The baptistry had been formed in the centre of what was the chancel of the Reformed Episcopal body who formerly held their services here, and by whom the church was erected.

There were eight candidates (ladies) for the holy rite and these, after preparing themselves in the vestry appeared in the chancel attired in cream coloured robes or dressing gowns. The officiating minister (the Rev. Geo. Goodchild) who was specially attired for the occasion, offered a short prayer.

He then went down into the baptistry, and the candidates were assisted one by one down the steps by Mr. Daykin. The immersions were not open to the view of the congregation, and while the ceremony was proceeding a chant was sung by the choir with organ accompaniment. The proceedings closed with prayer and the singing of the doxology.

Source: Skegness Herald 11th May 1894

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