Bride Marries Best Man in Wedding Mix-up

A curious mistake, said the Sheffield Independent in 1891, occurred a day or two ago at a wedding at St Michael’s parish church of Brierley Hill on the borders of the Black Country.
The bridal party by some means had got mixed up, and the bride was actually married to the best man. To make matters worse, the best man happened to be the bride’s sister’s young man.
It was clear that the only way out of the bungle was to marry the bride again, and this was done, the register not having been signed.
The ceremony was gone through a second time, and this time care was taken that the right man was wedded to the bride. In the first ceremony the bridegroom stood behind the bride and the best man, and handed the ring to the latter, while, on the other hand, the beat man made the necessary response.
The bride herself had some idea that the proceedings were hardly as they should us, but did not remonstrate.
Thankfully, the affair added happily, although it would hardly be possible to find a more curious incident than this.

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