Antique Tricycle 1890

Email from Herbert Noel Crawshaw 2nd October 2008:

You will recall that a few months ago we were “talking” about the above business,
today we went to see my sister-in-law who lives at Tenterden and visited Mr Chris Booth at Rolvenden whose Grandfather owned the business.
Mr Booth owns a collect of historic Morgan 3 wheeled cars as well as other ancient mobile items, when looking around is museum I spotted a tricycle in the saddle of which was a small description:-
“1890 Quadrant No 8 Tricycle – found in a Skegness orchard in 1969 by Mr Booth’s Grandfather”.
I had quite a chat with Mr Booth about this item – for “orchard” read garden shed! one day his Grandfather arrived with it unassembled in the boot of his car.
I am posting you a photocopy of a photograph of the tricycle that Mr Booth found for me, as well as a leaflet about his museum.

My reply to Bert:

You are correct re Berrys Motors on one-way system, (the one-way system is called Berry Way after him) but prior to this, he started with a cycle shop, the second site of which was on High St (attached pic taken c1914, part of Herrick Watson premises in the right foreground) I’ve got a bit more info and an old advert but can’t put my hands on them at the moment.
I would conject that the tricycle WAS sold/made by Berry because of the date. How did Booth know the original date? Is there a plaque on the cycle?

Chris Booth on 1890 tricycle found in Skegness in 1969

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