Sad Catastrophe at a School

26 Boys Suffocated

A disastrous fire, involving the loss of the lives of 26 children, broke out at the West Ham Industrial Schools, Forest-gate, London, early on Wednesday morning.

The children at the schools are from different unions, and number between 500 and 600.

Upon the discovery of the fire, which originated through the overheating of a stove in a room on the ground floor, help was soon forthcoming.

When, however, the lads, 60 in number, sleeping in the dormitories overhead were got out 26 of them were found to be dead, all having been suffocated.

Two of the bodies had been burnt by the flames, but not until after death.

The boys were prevented from escaping by the smoke and flames, and their cries are said to have been heart rendering.

Source: Skegness Herald 3rd January 1890


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