Fire Brigade Drill

On Saturday evening a false alarm of fire was given to test the ability of the men in running the engine into the town by hand, and getting to work as in case of fire. The alarms was given by ringing the bell at Mr. Dunkley’s Yard at 5.40.

The fire was supposed to be at the back of the Lion Hotel. Six men answered the summons and in eight minutes from the commencement of the ringing of the bell, the engine was at work pumping upon the supposed fire.

On Wednesday evening the brigade paid a visit to Burgh. Mr. Bull kindly lent two horses for theĀ purpose. A start was made at 6.15 and Burgh was reached in 25 minutes, and 8 minutes after arrival the engine was at work.

A very poor supply of water was obtainable.

Great excitement was caused by this visit as it is 26 years since a fire engine was seen in Burgh.

The brigade was loudly cheered upon leaving.

Source: Skegness Herald 18th April 1890


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