Tower Gardens Re-opening History Set To Repeat Itself

HISTORY may be about to repeat itself at the grand re-opening of the Tower Gardens in Skegness next year, it was revealed last week.

Groundwork Lincolnshire, the company responsible for the work to be carried out on the Tower Gardens over the winter, have suggested that next year’s re-opening date should be May 27, the same date the park was originally opened back in 1878.

Playing on the theme further, they are also planning to invite the Robin Hood Rifle Band, whose predecessors played at the 1878 opening.

The suggestion was greeted warmly by councillors at Skegness Town Council’s public property committee meeting, with Court Mark Anderson saying: “I think it would be an excellent idea, and if we don’t go out and celebrate it properly, it would be a shame for Skegness.”

Court Sue Binch was also in agreement: “I agree that we should celebrate it. Apart from anything else it would be good publicity, but I also move that we do something for the children as well.”

October 1999

I can’t find newspaper coverage of the actual opening ceremony, but below are 1878 adverts heralding the event…

Source: Boston Guardian 17 May 1878

1-pleasure gardens opens advert GNR

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle 24 May 1878

1-pleasure gardens opens advert


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