Skegness Bouquet Victorian Perfume

morley_shop_perfumeI found an old advert in my copy of a 1903 Skegness Holiday Guide, advertising the exclusive Skegness Bouquet perfume, made by Skegness chemist, George Morley.

Our picture of the bottle of perfume shows an image of the old St Clement’s Church in Skegness on the label. Wouldn’t it have been lovely to know what this perfume smelled like?

George Morley was a Registered Dispersing Chemist and Druggist, Member of the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britian, and the proud “SOLE PROPRIETOR AND MAKER OF SKEGNESS BOUQUET PERFUME”

His ‘beautiful’ perfume was introduced when the first business was opened in Skegness, in 1874, and has never been surpassed in its rare qualities.

No Skegness Bouquet is genuine that does not bear a Representation of the Old Church, and the lettering in
Gold on a White Ground.
Our picture right shows Morley’s Chemist Shop, 54 Lumley Road, Skegness.


Photo below: George Morley’s chemist shop on High Street, Skegness, in 1877. Perhaps that’s Mr Morley in the doorway surveying his next customers!


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