Heroic Rescue at Skegness

Skegness, the Lincolnshire sea-side coast, has just been the scene of a painfully narrow escape from drowning.

An excursionist named Fox, a widow, was bathing the other day with a female friend, when, from some unexplained cause, she got out of her depth and sunk twice before she was perceived by anyone except her friend and child.

Their pitiful cries attracted the attention of Mr. Thomas Eley, a spar manufacturer, residing at Derby, who happened to be walking along the coast at the time, and, on turning round, the poor creature had disappeared a third time, and all that could be seen was one of her hands above water. Without a second’s hesitation Mr. Eley threw off his hat, dashed into the water with his clothes on, swam to the unfortunate woman’s assistance, and successfully rescued her.

At this time, however, she was insensible, but upon being conveyed to the bathing machine medical aid was summoned, and the usual restoratives applied.

After some time the poor creature recovered consciousness, and her expressions of gratitude at Mr. Eley’s gallant conduct were beyond description—” thankfulness,” as she remarked, “for the sake of her three dear children”.

Source: The Hull Packet and East Riding Times (Hull, England), Friday, June 28, 1878


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