First 1878 Skegness Plan Auctioned

First Skegness Plans Go Under the Hammer

A 1999 local news story about the auction of the historical Skegness plans document as in the photograph below. The news article hold little gems of revealing information such as Castle Boulevard was to be named Osbert Road, and an aquarium was originally planned for the Pleasure Gardens.

But the burning questions must be – WHO ended up buying the historical document and WHERE is it today?

UPDATE 20th October, 2011: Quite by chance, we have discovered that the plan was donated to Skegness Library just a few weeks ago by a man who didn’t reveal his name. Staff at the library hope to have the plan framed and put on display shortly. We have photographed the original document which you can examine by clicking on the image below.

History going under the hammer
A REMNANT of old Skegness that dates back to 1878 is due to go under the hammer this week end.
A plan of the proposed development of the Earl of Scarbrough’s estate goes before the auctioneer at Turner Evans auctioneers, Roman Bank, tomorrow, Saturday.
The framed plan, which measures 36in by 27in, roughly covers an area from Grand Parade in the east across to Roman Bank in the west, and from Lumley Road to Osbert Road, now known as Castleton Boulevard.

Referring to Skegness as “the Sea Bathing Place of Skegness on the Lincolnshire Coast,” the plan is signed by land agent, HV Tippet of Rotherham.
There were some interesting ideas in the proposals, for instance the plan shows the “pleasure gardens” on Grand Parade with an aquarium and winter gardens, bandstand, and pavilion.
The Hildreds Hotel, now the site of the Hildreds shopping centre, is marked on the plan, and there was a music hall proposed for the corner of Scarbrough Avenue and Rutland Road.
There were also stables behind what was the Scarbrough Hotel, on the corner of Grand Parade and Scarbrough Avenue.

The auction of antique furnishings and effects begins at 11am Turner Evans’ Mart Saleroom, and the goods can be viewed today, Friday, between 1pm and 6pm and on the day of the sale.
Pictured below is the plan of the proposed development of the estate of the Earl of Scarbrough, which is being auctioned tomorrow by Turner Evans, Roman Bank, Skegness.


Skegness Town Plans historical document 1878



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