Charnwood Tavern Winthorpe School History

St Mary’s Church, Winthorpe, and the Charnwood Tavern next door seem strangely isolated from the rest of Winthorpe today. But at one time there was quite a cluster of houses around the church and the Charnwood was the village school.

This was the derelict sight it presented after the children had been transferred to the new Seathorne Primary School in 1951.


The second photo shows it converted into a house by a Loughborough builder, Mr A Henson [who lived at 121? Church Road North, Skegness in the 70s].


He called it Charnwood and lived in it for two years, then sold it to Mr Lockie, who turned it into the Charnwood Tavern and became its first licensee. It was enlarged in 1972 by its then owner, Mr A W Cox.

For comparison, here is a modern-day photograph of the Charnwood Tavern:

charnwood (1)


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