Two Lives Lost (Grunnill)

About one o’clock, p.m., on the 4th inst., Thomas Grunnill, accompanied by his nephew. Herman Grunnill, about eleven years of age, went from his house, at Skegness, with a horse and cart on to the sands, for the purpose of fishing for bait in the flats.

Nothing was beard of them until Saturday night, when the boy was washed up on the Wainfleet haven, and, upon further search, the cart was found washed up on tbe Cole bank; the horse by some means having got cleared from the shafts, was found grazing on the bank.

The ” south wester,” belonging to Thomas Grunnill, was also found.

It is supposed that they were overtaken by the flowing of the tide; and that Thomas Grunnill, who was short sighted, had perished in one of the holes, which was covered with quicksand.

He was about 48 years of age, and a very steady and industrious man, highly-respected by all who knew him: he has left a wife to deplore his loss.

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 11 December 1857

Note: Herman Grunnill is buried in St Clement’s Church, Skegness.


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