Smugglers' Plot Foiled

Extensive Seizure of Tobacco

It has just been communicated to her Majesty’s commissioners of Excise that a most extensive seizure of tobacco has been made by Mr. Davison, supervisor of Excise, near Skegness Lincolnshire, on its transit to Horncastle.

It had been landed from contraband trading vessels that frequent that coast, and placed in carrier’s carts in packages, representing various articles of merchandise and furniture.

So well-arranged were the plans of the officers, that they succeeded in capturing the whole of the booty, amounting in all to nearly three tons in weight, with the horses and carts used in conveying it to its destination.

It is scarcely necessary to add that no person has come forward to claim the property, which will be disposed of by her Majesty’s commissioners at the usual sale.

Source: The Hull Packet and East Riding Times (Hull, England), Friday, January 24, 1845


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