Revenue Cruisers Decommissioned

Coast Blockade

The revenue cruisers are all removed from the Lincolnshire coast, and a new arrangement of the Coast Guard Service has been made, by which a small force, under the command of a Lieutenant, will be stationed at Skegness, Saltfleet and Tetney Lock.

We know not what may be the object in view, but we have little doubt that the change will lead to the revival on this coast of smuggling, which has been greatly checked by the employment of the cruisers.

The Redbreast, Lieut. Butcher, RN commander, lies at Boston, and probably will be sold; the Greyhound (late of Grimsby) Lieut. Dooley, RN commander, is now stationed at Leith.

Source: The Hull Packet (Hull, England), Friday, August 12, 1842


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