Memorial Window St Clements Church

Bishop Edward Steere

Article 1: Bishop Edward Steere

This article in the Skegness Herald tells us of a memorial window which was to be placed in the ‘old church’ (St Clements).
The window was to remember the late Bishop who formerly officiated at the church.
Monies raised at the time of going to press was £8 16s 6d.

Source: Skegness Herald 19th January 1883

Article 2:  Memorial to Bishop Steere

It is intended to erect a stained glass window in the old church [St Clement’s] in memory of the late Bishop Steere who was formerly curate of this parish.
£4 has already been subscribed towards the object, and further subscriptions are solicited.
Source: Skegness Herald 27th October 1882

This is another valuable clue to the history of Skegness, given to us by the old newspapers. You can be sure that we will investigate the memorial window, hopefully this coming Sunday and report back with pictures.

Update Sunday 28th October 2007.

We paid a visit to St Clement’s Church today. We found the memorial window above the pulpit. The stained glass depicts St Clement. At the base of the window is an inscription:

“This window is in memory of Edward Steere Bishop of Central Africa Curate of this Parish who died [AVG?] 1862”.

Though the Sunday Service was imminent, we were given kind permission to take this photograph:


St Clements Church stained glass window (2)


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