Fight Over Skegness Lifeboat Coxswain Appointment

Spilsby Petty Sessions, Monday, Dec 19. (Before the Revs. E. Rawnsley, D. Rawnsley, and R. G. Walls, and Mr. J. W. Preston.)

John Thomas Green

Joseph Pearce, of Skegness, was charged with an assault on Jabez Grunnill of the same place, on the 7th inst. The parties met at the New Hotel [Hildred’s Hotel], and met a number of the lifeboat crew who had been out practising.

An altercation arose about the appointment of Thomas Green as coxswain in the place of Samuel Moody who had resigned, and other matters, during which it was alleged by Grunnill he was struck by Pearce.

After hearing witnesses on both sides the case was dismissed.

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 23 December 1870

Sam Moody Skegness Lifeboat Cox 1830-1871

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