Early Lumley Square

The Skegness Herald printed transcripts of the monthly Local Board meeting and from these it is possible to piece together part of the history of Skegness.

The following is a transcript from a Local Board discussion about the piece of land, and the lamp and fountain, in front of the Lumley Hotel near the railway station in Skegness. The fountain discussed now stands in the Fairy Dell, formerly in the Marine Gardens where the Embassy Theatre now stands. The picture below shows the fountain outside the Lumley Hotel.


The lamp which is discussed in the article is shown in the photo below:


Leather Hill

In the newspaper article, Mr Charles Houghton reveals that the piece of land used to be known as “Leather Hill”, and used to be the village green. He also reveals that a sign post once stood on this portion of land. The picture below (1860) shows the sign post, looking down High Street.


The Open Space in front of Lumley Hotel

Mr Rowley asked what the Board intended doing with the open space near the railway station where the lamp and fountain recently stood.
The Chairman remarked that they had no record of the lamps etc being mad over to the town
Mr Clarke said they were made over to the parish.
Mr Rowley remarked that the lamp which had been removed stood on parish property.
The Surveyor said he had asked Mr Wingate, the late Surveyor, and he had informed him that that piece of land was Lord Scarbrough’s.
Mr C Houghton said part of it was parish property.
Mr Wardle said that he had heard it said that a market cross stood there at one time.
Mr C Houghton said there used to be a three cornered piece of land there called “Leather Hill” and a guide post stood on it.
The Chairman (to Mr Houghton): Do you say that the guide post stood where the fountain recently stood?
Mr Houghton said all the fountain did not stand on what was known as the “village green” it was partly on the old road.
Mr Clarke said it was misleading to place the lamp and fountain there and get people to build around it and then take it away again. If it was parish property he could not have done so.
Mr Houghton said that a part of the fountain stood on parish property.
Mr Wardle thought it was a great pity that it was taken away, but the question was whether it was worth while to bother about it now it was gone.
It was ultimately decided that as complaints had been made by the ratepayers as to the removal of the fountain and lamp the question be further considered at the special meeting on Monday next.

Research source: Skegness Herald 1888


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