Committed Suicide in Horncastle Shop

About six o’clock on Friday morning butt, William Lord, journeyman to Mr. William Longstaff, butcher, of Horncastle, committed suicide in his master’s shop by nearly severing his head from body with knife: was discovered the servantmaid, who noticing that the shop wss not opened at ths usual time, looked and observed the body lying on the floor.

Assistance was immediately procured, but so determinedly had the deed been done that life was extinct.

Lord was respectable young man from Thrapston, and had been Mr. Longstaff’s employ for about tbree weeks.

An inquest was held on the body on Saturday last by F. F. Gee, Gent, coroner, and verdict of temporary insanity returned.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 22 October 1847

Note: According to the 1841 census, William Longstaff operated his business on East Street in Horncastle, possibly close to the junction with Foundry Street.


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