Chief Coast-guard Office's Son Drowned

Mr. Fricker held an inquest at Skegness, on the body of John Henry Nash, son of Mr. Nash, chief officer at the coast-guard station, who was drowned on the previous Wednesday evening.

The deceased was in the merchant service, and had engagement to go out to the East Indies in vessel: he came down to Skegness for the purpose of procuring some fishing tackle and other things, and went, accompanied by Mr. Stafford Hildred, to bathe, almost immediately in front of the New Hotel.

The two young men had been in the water about ten minutes, when Mr. Hildred heard his companion (who was five yards in advance) call for assistance.

He was then out of his depth, in upwards of six feet of water, the bottom being then rather shelving.

The deceased, it seems, was indifferent swimmer, and Mr. Hildred could not swim at all, notwithstanding which ventured out, was seized by the drowning man, and narrowly escaped with his life.

Nash immediately sank, and was seen no more.

Two hours afterwards, on the tide falling, his body was found on the sands.

The sad event was witnessed by upwards of 40 persons, but the outward current was strong, and the body only appeared once, it was impossible to save the unfortunate young man from watery grave.

The deceased was 22 years of age, promising youth, and the only son of his parents.

A verdict of accidental death by drowning was returned.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 04 July 1851



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