A Visitor to Skegness 1866

This little sea-side village appears to attract this season an unusual number of visitors.

The arrivals last week, notwithstanding the change of weather, filled both hotels, and every lodging-house was also occupied, making it quite a lively and cheerful scene.

As a visitor at the New Hotel, I cannot refrain from publicly commending the excellent arrangements made by Mrs. Hildred, the hostess.

About sixty people sat down every day to dinner, and at least seventy visitors were comfortably housed in the evening, the whole forming a most agreeable party.

The amusements, too, were of a novel character.

In addition to the usual games on the lawn, croquet, &c., at night, charades, readings, and music occupied the time, and once there was a mock trial for breach of promise of marriage, which caused much merriment. It was between “Sophonisba Vere de Vere,” plaintiff, and “Jabez Tomkins,” defendant. The damages were laid at £1,000. The jury, after an eloquent speech by the learned counsel for the defendant, awarded £300 to the fair plaintiff, who enacted her part in a way calculated to excite the sympathy of the “court,” fainting so naturally that a gentleman present took it au serieur, and pathetically exclaimed, “poor thing!”

An excellent mode of paying a compliment to the respected hostess and her servants deserves notice.

Two collections were made at the dinner-table, aud a new set of croquet apparatus was presented to Mrs. Hildred, while her assistants received each a small gratuity.

Two families are staying at Mr. Moody’s, the well-known captain of the lifeboat.

While leaving the place with regret, I cannot but think it a pity that the large landed proprietors do not see the utility of either building houses or leasing the land for that purpose, as it is a most favourite locality, aud the outlay would undoubtedly be a profitable investment.

Yours, etc, A Visitor to Skegness.

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 3 August 1866


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