A Mirage


On Sunday a splendid mirage was seen at Cleethorpes. Some gentlemen from Grimsby were walking down to Cleethorpes about 12.15 p.m., when at Beaconthorpe they were startled by a peculiar appearance in the heavens.

At a distance, of what appeared about three or four miles, and an angle of about 60 degrees, was seen a mirage, in which were clearly reflected the masts and rigging of a large number of vessels, white sea birds, and the sea itself.

The observer of this unusual phenomenon says that the objects seen appeared to be about mid-heaven. At that time the sky was remarkably clear, as was also the atmosphere. The tide was very low. The scene lasted ten to fifteen minutes.

In the opinion of those who saw this unusual sight, the vessels reflected were smacks on the fishing grounds. The hulls of the vessels were not visible, but appeared to be hidden in a mist. The birds were shown much larger than they really were. Some 38 years ago a mirage of a similar character was seen between Winthorpe and Skegness, on the same coast. [c1843]

Source: The Hull Packet and East Riding Times (Hull, England), Friday, November 11, 1881

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