Medals for Lifeboatmen Moody & Grunnill

At the annual meeting of the Lincolnshire Association for the Preservation of Lives from Shipwreck at Mablethorpe in August, 1838, Lord Brownlow  informed the company he had two medals given to him to present to two hardy and valuable members of the Skegness and Ingoldmells life-boat crew.

The men were S. Moody and — Grunnel— who received medals for for their intrepid exertions, at the great risk of their own lives, in the midst of heaving billows and an awful storm, in saving the lives of two poor mariners from the wreck of their ill-fated barque J. Hunt, Esq., an eye witness to their exertions, corroborated, in the kindest manner, all that had been said; Grunnel toiled till he himself nearly sunk from exhaustion: he is the younger of the two, and certainly has the appearance of a brave though humble man.

One circumstance spoke much for both; when the men were sent for to the tent to receive their medals, it was some time before they could be found, and it was supposed they had got out of the way on purpose, not wishing to receive such a reward apart from the rest of their crew.

The medals are very chaste specimens : on one side the name of the man; the reverse, a vessel, a wreck, in the midst of a stormy sea running mountains high.

Source: Lincolnshire Chronicle – Friday 31 August 1838


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