Wainfleet, January 16 – On Thursday morning, a vessel was seen riding between Ingoldmells and Skegness, with a signal of distress flying; and in about two hours disappeared. At night a great deal of wreck came on shore, and part of the stern of a vessel with “Vandam, J W Swift, NE” upon it. Some casks of tallow, pieces of fir timber, and barrel staves, have washed on shore.

January 20 – The Thomas & Mary, Powditch, from Wells to London, struck on Skegness Middle, during a heavy gale at ENB this morning, and sunk in deep water. The crew was taken out of the rigging by the lifeboat, at this place. A passenger drowned – The Graces is likely to be wrecked.

Source: The Hull Packet and Humber Mercury (Hull, England), Tuesday, January 26, 1830


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