Roman Bank Primitive Methodist Church Stone Laying Ceremony

Stone-Laying Ceremony.

The laying of the stones at the new Primitive Methodist Chapel, Skegness Bank, took place on a Thursday afternoon in 1910.
The Rev. J. Hall, of Lincoln, supported by the Revs. J. W. Clark, W. Hudson, J. Prouton, and Mr. R. Pickard, of Hartley Primitive Methodist College, delivered an address. A considerable number of persons assembled at the old Chapel, which was built in 1836 and will in future be used as a schoolroom. A short open air service preceded the stone-laying, beginning with hymn and prayer.

The Rev. J. W. Clark, introduced the Rev. J. Hall who said that as we looked back into the old days, and compared them with the present, we were reminded of the manner in which the world changed. He referred to the years gone by, when this country round about was not cultivated and was inhabited not by human beings but by waterfowl.

Mr. Hall spoke of the advent of man, of the dawn of Christianity, and of its development in civilization, and the coming of Primitive Methodism. Their home, so to speak, must be in character with the needs of their work. He was glad to see that the people of Skegness Bank were meeting the needs of the crowds which came to recuperate in the summer months, many of whom came on account of their health. It should always be a pleasing duty to Christians to provide not only for themselves but to minister to others. As he contemplated the new building, now in course of construction, he was reminded of the extent to which one had to build on the foundation others had laid, and whereas among the many workers the names of but few were carried down to posterity, the names, if not the work, of the majority were largely forgotten. What was true here was true of all religious bodies and religious movements. If it were not for the work of those modest persons who formed the majority, none of these movements could be carried on. In conclusion Mr. Hall said that it was sometimes wise to create a need, and always so to respond to one. The people needed thisand it was being provided. Speaking of Primitive Methodism, he said that it stood by an open Bible, and, referring to their ministers, he claimed that their authority was as clear as that of the Archbishop of Canterbury, or the Pope of Rome, and their orders were as valid as those of any other ministers. Mr. Hall emphasized the advantages of the universality of ministration, and he closed with an invokation of the Divine blessing on this house of prayer.

The stones were then laid bearing the inscriptions as follows :
Misses E. and D. Tagg and Master S. Chester for the Sunday School £10

Mrs. G. Hall (Skegness) £5
C.S. (Col. Seeley) Nottingham £25
Miss E. Hoyes, Skegness £1 1 0
Mr. J. Green, £1 1 0

Mr. C. Houghton, Skegness £15
Mr. G. Boyce, Bratoft £5 5 0
Miss B. Fox £1 1 0
Master W. Turner £1 1 0
Rev. W. J. Clark £1 1 0
Mr. J. S. Fowler, Grimsby £5
Mrs. Taylor, Nottingham £5
Mrs. J. Boyce, Irby (in memory of her daughter Emma) £5 5 0
Mr. and Mrs. G.I. Wilson, Ingoldmells £5 50
Miss Wilson, Ingoldmells £5
Mrs. J. J. Taylor, Sandiacre £5
Miss A. E. Stephenson £5 5 0
Mrs. G. Janney £1 1 0
Mr. P. Chester £1 0
Master E. C. Bridges £1 1 0
Master G. C. Bridges £1 1 0
Mr. W. Whiting £1 1 0
Mr. G. W. Hallgarth £1 1 0
M. A. £1 1 0
N. A. £1 1 0
Miss A. E. Connell £1 0 0
Miss Eva Tagg 12 2 0
L.A. £1 1 0
Miss Lily Tagg £2 2 0
T.G. £1 1 0
J.T.A. £1 1 0
Mr. and Mrs. Langley £1 1 0
Two bricks inscribed D.S.W. and A.T.W. 10/- each.
Other amounts included ;
Lord Willoughby de Eresby, M.P. £2 2 0
Ald. Adams, J.P. £1 1 0
T. Robinson, Grimsby £5
J. Press, 10/6
W. H. and J. S. Crawshaw £1 10;
Mrs. Reynolds £1 10;
Mr. Hipkin (Chapel St. Leopards) £1 10 ;

Mrs. Wooliscroft £5.

After the stone-laying ceremony, tea was served in the old chapel.
A public meeting was held in the old Chapel in the evening, at which the Rev. W. J, Clark presided over a crowded attendance. The principal speaker was the Rev. J. Hall, who was supported by the Revs. Walter Hudson and J. Prouton. Vocal solos, etc., were also rendered, Miss Connell presiding at the harmonium.
The proceeds from the day’s proceedings produced a total amount, from all sources, of about £180, the collections realising £2 10s. Od. and the public tea £4 0s. 7d.
The new chapel is being built at a cost of £600, and will have a seating accommodation for 200 persons, and is being built in the Gothic style, the chapel being 36ft. x 36ft., and the vestry 10ft. x 10ft. Mr. W. H. Bridges, of Skegness, is the architect, and Messrs. J. Crawshaw and Son, of Skegness, the contractors and builders.

Below is a present-day photograph of the former Primitive Methodist Church, which is now a second-hand shop. You can see some of the stones which are etched with the names of the sponsors running along the lower parts of the building, continuing around the sides.

roman_bank (6)



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