Landlord of Ship Inn Gibraltar Point 1830

On Tuesday the 12th inst. an inquest was held at Gibraltar Point, Wainfleet, before Mr. Mastin, coroner, on the body of Joseph Fell, landlord of the Ship there.

Mr. Fell went to bed in his usual health on the Saturday night preceding, and the next morning at 7 o’clock was discovered to be expiring: medical aid was immediately applied for, but long ere the surgeon arrived, the deceased had ceased to breathe.

Busy rumour assigned a number of reasons for his death but after a careful examination of the witnesses, the jury returned verdict of died by the visitation of God.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 22 October 1830

The Ship Inn Gibraltar Point

One thought on “Landlord of Ship Inn Gibraltar Point 1830

  1. Gibraltar House (former Ship Inn) c1922/23 with Mrs Paul (barely visible to the right of the door) with daughter Clara, at front of House. Note the sycamore tree planted by George Perrin in 1903 and still there today and the vegetable garden on the sloping ground in front of the house. I have a better copy of this photo

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