Lincolnshire Coast Smugglers

On Thursday morning the 25th ult. as a detached party belonging to the Redbreast revenue cutter, stationed at Freiston Shore, were returning from patrol about o’clock, they espied a strange vessel on Wrangle Main, towards which they proceeded without a moment’s delay.

This vessel was found to be a smuggling lugger, of considerable burden, manned with a crew of nine men; who, on perceiving the determined the armed and courageous preventive men, betook themselves with great haste to their boat yet, unwilling to abandon entirely their ship, which had recently been laid on the sands for the more expeditious delivery of her cargo, they continued to lie by for some time, until they observed the revenue cruiser sailing down the Deeps to reinforce her men ashore, when the smugglers made off towards Gibraltar Point.

The cargo, which was immediately secured the party who took possession, was Saturday conveyed in four waggons to Boston, and safely deposited in the Custom-house.

It consisted of 318 half ankers of Geneva, besides 50 bales of dry goods; some of which contain tobacco, or snuff; others plate glass; and others highly finished Dutch paintings, which are said to of great value.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 2 January 1824

Note:  ‎Spirits were packaged in small barrels or ‘tubs’ called half ankers, which contained a little over four gallons. (Source: Smuggler’s Britain)

‘Geneva’ appears to be an old word for gin. (Source: Wikipedia)


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