Inquests by Coroner Mr. Mastin

On Saturday, at Skegness, on the body of a well-dressed seaman, who was discovered lying on the beach by some gentlemen, bathers at Mr. Stafford’s hotel.

It appeared that this unfortunate man had been drowned a considerable time, having lost one hand, and being otherwise much disfigured, so as to present a most shocking spectacle. Verdict, found drowned.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 7 July 1820

Note: Mr Stafford’s Hotel was the Skegness Hotel, later named the Vine.

On Thursday the 10th inst. an inquest was held at Winthorpe, before Mr. Mastin, coroner, on the body of  William. Sargason, who was unfortunately drowned whilst bathing at Skegness.

He went into the sea with some companions, and venturing too far, was taken off his feet and drowned.

Thus perished a stout young man in his 22d year, in the sight friends and home, and on a remarkably fine coast, to which be was no stranger.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 18 August 1820

On Saturday, at Skegness, the body of Capt. John Hack ford, of the port of Boston, who was unfortunately drowned, together with his wife and one of the crew, about month back, by the boat upsetting .

The same day, at Ingoldmells, on the body of a child named Edward Waller, who was also unfortunately drowned in ditch near the house of its parents.

Verdicts,in both cases, found drowned.

Source: Stamford Mercury – Friday 4 June 1824


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