New Hotel Skegness Old Adverts

THOMAS MELSON having had his House enlarged, and a Room added to it, not surpassed upon the Lincolnshire Coast, and the Situation being peculiarly Commodious and very near to the Sea, most humbly solicits a Continuation of the Favours already conferred upon him. N. B. A warm Sea Bath at any Hour of the Day; and a convenient safe Caravan for Bathing at all Times of Tide.

Source: Northampton Mercury – Saturday 20 June 1812

Note: The New Hotel is the former name for Hildred’s Hotel. Notice the advert says “having had his House enlarged” – does this mean his personal dwelling, or was the term “House” used to describe a hotel?

You may wish to read the article Memories of Tennyson which states that “A Lincolnshire squire discovered Skegness, and his sister, Miss Walls, built a house for herself and a hostel for their friends – hostel sacred in my memory by reason of certain curd cheesecakes made, as none other before or since has made them, by Dame Hildred, the hostess.”

1814 Advert Thomas Melson’s New Hotel


Source: Leicester Journal – Friday 20 May 1814


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