Famous Skegness Flautist Eli Hudson Cut Off by Tide

Cut off by the Tide

A Perilous Drive Through the Sea in a Gale

Four gentlemen from Southend have had a remarkable escape from drowning.

The party, consisting of two Southend residents, Mr. Peter Trigg and Mr. C. G. Morris, with Mr. Eli Hudson, a variety artist, and a Mr. Crisp of London, were returning in a cart from Foulness Island, and had to traverse eight miles across Maplin Sands.

Famous Skegness Musician Eli Hudson

Soon after the start the tide began to rise, in consequence of a gale, two hours before expected, and when half-way across the cart, was surrounded by water, which rapidly became deeper.

The track was lost, but the horse managed to keep to the road, avoiding the dykes on each side.

By the time the main-land was reached the animal was half-covered with water and the cart, half-full.

Source: Skegness News 3rd January 1911


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