Skegness TV Station Closes Down

THE Skegness 405 lines television station has been closed down because the town’s water tower is to be demolished.

The BBC say the station, which has been operating for 16 years, will not be replaced because a recent survey by its engineers showed that very few people were using it.

The very high power 405 transmitter at Belmont near Louth will be available instead. People with 405 line sets only should be able to tune in to Belmont on channel 13 using their existing ITV aerials.

Those with dual standard receivers capable of receiving BBC 2 from Belmont are strongly advised to use the 625 BBC 1 service on channel 22 UHF.

Skegness Water Tower showing the TV transmitterViewers in any difficulty should consult their local television dealer or contact the BBC engineering department at Broadcasting House, London W1A 1AA (telephone 01-580-4468, extension 2921).

The relay station on the water tower went into service on 8 August, 1963 to serve 13,000 residents.

The Anglian Water Authority said difficulties over the BBC’s transmitter had meant waiting for the survey of viewers.

Now it looked as though, if all went well, the BBC could take down their transmitter in December and the AWA would be ready to plan the demolition in the new year.

The water tower, built in 1926, sank and developed a 12 degrees list soon afterwards. This is not considered dangerous. Salt air and winds have eroded its structure and it would now cost a fortune, say the AWA, to restore.

When it was built, it could supply Skegness for half a day but today it can only manage to hold two hours’ supply as demand has outstripped its capacity.

Pressure reducing valves have been introduced instead.


Picture: Skegness Water Tower showing the TV transmitter


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