Jolly Fisherman Statue Presented to Skegness

THE original Jolly Fisherman statuette is now to play the role planned for it when it was made – that of publicising Skegness.

On Thursday, Coun Joe Tonglet, the Mayor of Skegness, received the statuette on behalf of the town from Mrs Lilian Baker, the widow of the man who made it.

Mrs Baker, of 36 Winthorpe Avenue, Skegness, explained that her husband wished the statuette to be used by the town, and because this is Centenary Year, she thought it was a good time to present it.

Her husband, brass founder Mr Walter Baker, made the silver-plated statuette 30 years ago.

He modelled it on the original painting of the Jolly Fisherman by John Hassall, which is now in the Town Hall.

Since then, 15,000 miniature stateuettes have been modelled from it, and given to VIPs visiting the town, and residents who have earned special recognition.

The original statuette will be kept in the Mayor’s Parlour.



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