Tower Gardens Pavilion Listed Building

What’s next on the menu for Tower Pavilion?

THE future of the Tower Pavilion in Skegness is again the subject of speculation.

It is a Grade Two listed building located in the attractive setting of Tower Gardens, but it seems to have been blighted by misfortune.

Most recently it was used as an American Diner but the project never really took off.

Now pressure is mounting for its owners, East Lindsey District Council to find a new use.

Artist Mr Peter Parr, of Albany Close, Skegness, has suggested that it would be ideal as multi-disciplinary arts and crafts centre.” Part of it could be given over to a museum, and archive of Skegness history, helping to raise the town’s tourism profile.

Mr Parr also believes there would be scope involvement with schools and community. In addition, he suggests it might provide a venue for smaller civic functions.

The Pavillon was the focus of discussion at a of the promotions group, Skegness 2000.

Head of leisure and tourism Mr Bob Suich said the district council would be keen to assist any scheme which would revitalise the building.

The chairman, Mr John Chappell, said that English Heritage now had a museums section and were able to grant aid projects. A charitable trust would have to be set up.

The 2000 members agreed to support the idea and expressed a wish to be represented in any steering group set up to determine its future.

April 1994

Note: The article states that the Tower Gardens Pavilion is a Grade II listed building. However, it does not appear on the British Listed Buildings website.

The Pavilion Skegness Tower Gardens

The Pavilion Skegness Tower Gardens


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