Wimpy Bar Opens in Skegness

HAVING done big business in Boston, Grimsby, and Cleethorpes, the Wimpy Bar sponsored by L.E.B. Food Products (Sales) Ltd., of Skegness, is coming to the adopted home-town of the two young founders of a flourishing post-war firm.

In addition to the now-famous Wimpy sandwiches (“the pure beef hamburger”), and its companion the Whippsy (“the thick, ice-cold milk-shake in strawberry, vanilla or chocolate”), both imported from the U.S.A., is a whole line of assorted “burgers.”

With various fillings, they are also offered from the new Skegness Wimpy Bar in Lumley Road (opening on the eve of Whit) in the form of “brunch” lines. And as any student of fast-paced Americana knows, the “brunch” meal is breakfast and lunch combined, made in a jiffy and ready to be eaten nearly as quickly!

This new venture of Mr. Harold Fainlight and Mr. William Hussey, proprietors of L.E.B., is opening in what was Hill’s china shop, midway up Lumley Road on the left walking towards the Clock Tower.

Entirely renovated and re-decorated, its interior re-designed to cater for the Wimpy-and-company trade in the front, and the more leisurely eaters at the rear (where there will be waitress service)’, the ground floor will present a cool and modern look.

” Brunch-Burger “

With a through-space of 120ft., it will be the most spacious Wimpy Bar outside London. One of 200 in this country, its menus and the quality of its catering (even to the products used and the way they are cooked and prepared) will be exactly the same as in all the others.

“The catering is by the big national firm of Pleasure Foods Ltd, for all Wimpy Bars,” explained Mr. Fainlight. “One of the attractions of the Wimpy Bar is that wherever you find one, you can be sure the same type of food of the same high quality and at the same standard price will always be available.”

So there will be hamburger, cheeseburger, eggburger, “treble-chance cheese eggburger” and the like at the service counter, and a large assortment of “brunch-burger” lines in the cafe section.

The bar will accommodate 170 people, in both sections together, and will be open 9 a.m. to midnight in the season.

Mr. Fainlight and Mr. Hussey, both Londoners, founded L.E.B. in Skegness in 1949 (Mr. Fainlight has lived in the town since 1932) as Jolly Fisherman potato – crisp suppliers to wholesalers.

Although they sold out this side of the business a few years ago, it was the basis of their present successful rock-making and selling, shops and amusement arcade lines, with which the Wimpy Bars are associated.

Source: Skegness Standard 17th May 1961

Note: The Wimpy Bar was situated at 71 Lumley Road, Skegness, where Oscar’s Designer Wear is today.