Switchback Sale

A unique sale was held at Skegness on Monday, when Mr. G.G. Dunkley, of the firm Messrs. George Dunkley and Son, disposed of the switchback railway situated opposite the pier entrance.
There was a numerous company present, and the auctioneer took his bids whilst standing upon a ladder.
The first bid of note was £50, and after being taken in £5 bids up to £85, Mr. George Dunkley, Senr., was declared the purchaser.
“The sunshine recorder on the top of the switchback,” said the auctioneer genially, “is not sold with it, and Mr. Jones is anxious that it should be allowed to remain in its present position as it is the only means we have of obtaining a register of the amount of sunshine here. I don’t  [next word illegible] any purchaser would raise any objections.”
“I shouldn’t,” said a wig, and the crowd laughed.
The auctioneer subsequently announced that the net profit last year was £170. At the purchase price of £85 the concern may be considered to be a bargain.
The royalty has recently been reduced from 12 1/2% to 7 1/2%.
Skegness Herald 25th March 1910