Puzzling Feature of a Skegness Beach Snap

Photo Mystery

More than a little interest has been evinced in a photograph secured a few days ago by an employee of Mr H J Jackson, the well-known “Skeg-card” photographer.

In the ordinary way of business a photograph was taken of a party – three ladies and two children – seated on the beach, but when the plate was developed it was seen that two other faces were embodied in the picture.

One of these is a young child, the outline of whose complete form is plainly visible. She appears to be standing at the rear of one of the ladies, but the face of the latter is partly enveloped by the white draperies in which the child is dressed. A second face, much less distinct, can be seen in line with the other.

There is, of course, no suggestion of a “take” in connection with the picture, whilst the theory of a double exposure is discounted.

The latter theory seems very improbable, owing to the fact that nothing of an untoward character appears on the photograph beyond merely the child’s form and the second face.

The picture bears a striking similarity to the so-called “spirit photographs” which have been reproduced in various illustrated magazines during the last few months.

We understand that a print of the photograph is being forwarded to a student of the occult science, whose opinion thereon will be awaited with interest.

Any reader desirous of giving his or her opinion on the picture may see a print at Mr Jackson’s studio near the Pier entrance, or that in the possession of the “Skegness Standard” representative, Mr A E Fletcher.

Source: Skegness Standard 11th July 1923

Don’t we just wish we could see this photograph now!