Boy Scout Drowned in Brickpit


On Monday afternoon a sad accident occurred in the brick pits in Mr. Burn’s field, off Wainfleet Road, Skegness. It appears that a boy scout named Leslie Cecil Ford, aged 16, from Spalding, who was camping at Mumby, came over to Skegness to visit the camp at St. Mary’s and St Nicholas Spalding troop at Skegness.

Just about five o’clock he and a friend decided to have a bathe in the pit, and pushed out a plank into the deep water upon which they played for some time. The deceased startled to swim to the side when he suddenly became in difficulties, struggling on his back and immediately disappeared.

The other lad who went to his assistance was very exhausted when pulled out. Both boys were able to swim a little.

Information was given to the police, and P.c. Rodwell obtained a boat from out of the sheds, and with the assistance of Mr. C. O. Shepherd and four or five scout lads, commenced to drag the pit for the body, which was not recovered until about nine o’clock.

The body was conveyed to the mortuary.

It has caused a gloom to be cast over the camp and the Scoutmaster has decided to break-up the camp, and the boys to return to their homes.

Source: Skegness Mablethorpe and Alford News 3rd August 1921

The inquest, which was held on the following Wednesday, was covered in the same issue of the newspaper.

Family Drowned in Frozen Brick Pit


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