Mysterious Disappearance of a Servant Girl

Mysterious Disappearance of a Derby Girl at Skegness

On Saturday morning a servant girl named Frances Stanley, aged 21 years, a native of Derby, but living with a family at Leicester, who are at present on a visit to Skegness, took the three children along the beach as far as the golf links.

Leaving the two elder ones near the sand hills she took the baby and proceeded to low water mark.

After placing the child at the water’s edge she took off her shoes and stockings and hat, and waded a considerable distance seawards.

No doubt being attracted by the cries of the child she returned, but shortly afterwards set off again, and has not been seen or heard of since.

Search parties have been sent out in all directions, but no trace of the missing girl has been found.

It is supposed that she has been drowned, and, owing to the high tides, her body carried out to sea.

After waiting some time for the return of the girl, the elder on the children, a girl between the age of eight or nine, fetched the baby from its perilous position, and also secured the hat, shoes and stockings of the missing girl.

Source: The Derby Mercury (Derby, England),Wednesday,  August 29, 1900

Note: Presumably, the missing girl was never found, as there are no deaths recorded around this time for a Frances Stanley of similar age.

UPDATE: Just found a story documenting the finding of this girl – ALIVE!!  Missing Servant Girl Found on Brink of Death


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