School Children Make Model Cenotaph

DURING recent years the scholars attending the Senior Council School at Skegness have not attended the town’s observance of Armistice Day at the War Memorial (as was the case when the school was located on Roman Bank) but instead they join in a Remembrance Service in the School Hall.

An appropriate “setting” for this service is devised on different lines each year by the headmaster (Mr. H. Bamber) and his staff, and this year a model of the Cenotaph was decided upon.

This model, a photograph of which we reproduce above, was made in the handicrafts department of the school by the scholars themselves, under the careful supervision of the teachers. With the sole exception .of a little “finishing off” by the teachers, the model was made entirely by the youthful craftsmen, and readers will agree that it is a very faithful creation.

Set on a pedestal draped with dark velvet curtains and with a background of the same material, the pure white model looked very striking. Earl Haig Fund poppies were also employed with discretion, and the complete effect was such as to bring home to the scholars those things which the majestic monument in Whitehall stands for.

Some 350 children were assembled for the service, which was commenced with the singing of the hymn, “O God our help in ages past.” Appropriate prayers taken from the Intercession Service were joined in, followed by the reading of the Armistice Day message of the Archbishop of Canterbury, after which the Two Minutes’ Silence was observed.

After the hymn, “The Supreme Sacrifice,” a short appropriate talk was given, this’ being followed by -the. singing of Kipling’s “Recessional.” and the service concluded with the National Anthem.

The photograph was taken by Mrs. Wrate, Lumley Road Post Office.

Source: Skegness Standard 16th November 1938

Note: The ‘Senior Council School’ referred to in the article, I understand, was the Lumley School which opened in 1932.


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