Firsby Railway Station Old Photograph

ALL SPICK AND SPAN and with somewhere to go were these three engines photographed at Firsby Station as long ago as 1886. The picture has been loaned to us by Inspector T. Holmes, of Netherfield, Notts., who has recently retired. Nearest the signal-box is the Spilsby engine, and standing between it and the centre one—bound for Boston, is Mr. Holmes. The Skegness engine is on the extreme right, with Driver Sammy Sharp and Guard Jackson, whose son is now a guard at Boston. Stationmaster Topliss is there with his top-hat and oiling the points is T. Hydes. Mr. Hydes was killed in an accident during the doubling of the line between Firsby and Skegness. With his back to the signals is Signalman Stamper. It may be difficult to pick out some of those mentioned owing to the age of the photograph, but their names will, no doubt, evoke many memories of the days long before railways had to ask for a square deal.

firsby train station

Source: Skegness Standard 14th June 1939


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