Tribute to Hospital Ball Organiser

Hospital Ball Gesture



A very pleasing feature of last Friday successful Hospital Ball at the Imperial Cafe was the fact that the flowers which adorned the tables were, at the close, collected by the M. C.s and given to members of the late Mrs. Miller’s family who were present, with the request that they should be placed on the grave of the late organiser of this function.

The late Mrs. Miller, during the ten years in which she organised the annual Skegness Hospital Ball, raised a sum of no less than £500 for the Hospital, and this gesture on the part of the M.C.s, as well as that of Mr. W. Edwin Furniss in taking over the organisation of the function to ensure its continuance, has been greatly appreciated by her family.

Mr. H. Miller, only son of the late organiser, in a personal letter to the Editor of the “Skegness News” gives voice to this appreciation, and states that he and his sisters placed the flowers on their mother’s grave “with reverence and humility” on Saturday morning.

Source: Skegness News 17th January 1934


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